Reincarnation or eternal life with God?

Indeed, the soul must learn a great deal about Life and the Universe before being able to free itself from dense matter. Only one life is not enough to learn everything. It’s impossible. There are far too many things to learn! The soul needs many lives, hundreds of lives, to acquire all the knowledge that […]

Reincarnation: Best Evidence

After the death of the body and the repose of the soul on the Astral Plane, this one returns to the Physical Plane to continue its teaching and its spiritual evolution… It is the Reincarnation! Reincarnation is a reality and not a belief. Here are some proofs with these extraordinary testimonies. Patrick DELSAUT Writer, Researcher […]

My Afterlife Story – by Yvonne Sneeden

“I felt completely embraced by His Love, both Father’s and Mother’s love, the love you feel for the ideal parent when you are a child” Deep emotional life crisis lead to my Near Death Experience, in conjunction with medicines for heart arrhythmia. This profound and powerful life changing event, during which I visited a part […]

Families of souls and mother souls

Families of souls and mother souls 12/07/2017 Message transmitted by Monique Mathieu For a better comprehension and to avoid any confusion – because certain concepts are sometimes difficult to understand – we will clarify ourselves in relation to families of souls and mother souls. Families of souls are energies that travel together from life to life, […]

Inside the Worlds of Light

There are billions of Cosmic Universes and one of these innumerable Universes is ours. Our Universe, like every other Universe, contains billions of galaxies composed of billions of stars and many of them have planets. Billions of these planets have Life on their surface, and extremely varied forms of life populate these planets. On some […]

Memories of the Afterlife: What We Can Learn from Our Life Between Lives

THIS ARTICLE WAS WRITTEN BY MICHAEL NEWTON  POSTED UNDER PAST LIVES & REINCARNATION Date: 2009-12-21  –  By: Michael Newton Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. All rights reserved I have written three books about our soul journey from death through the life between lives experience and finally the spiritual path we take into the next life and our new […]

Evolution of the souls in the heart of the Omniverse

We live on the Physical Plane, in the 3rd Dimension,  in a huge Universe containing billions of Galaxies  formed of gas, stars and planets. Our Universe belongs to a gigantic Multiverse comprised of billions of Cosmic Universes  which contain an infinity of worlds that have Life. But there are other Multiverses! Each Multiverse is on a different vibratory plane. All of these Multiverses form an Omniverse…! […]

Religion vs Spirituality

There is only one Truth, one Reality. This unique Truth is not described in the Religions. Only Spirituality knows this Truth! Spirituality is as old as humanity and existed before Religions. Nowadays, Spirituality has been enriched by the discoveries made by the Hypnotherapists specialized in Out-of-Body Life, the Astral Travelers, the NDE Experiencers, the Ghost […]

Beyond the Universe, a book that will change your vision of the afterlife

Beyond the Universe – The Universes of the Beyond – by Patrick Delsaut Lulu Publishing ( At_the_heart_of_the_greatest_mysteries.html Brief description of this book Human beings have always wanted to know what comes after death. Some people, who can voluntarily get out of their body, went to “the other side”. The testimonies of these explorers of […]